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Code of Conduct(Group Code of Conduct)


Development and supply of high-quality products and services

We will satisfy and earn the trust of stakeholders, and realize sustainable growth by innovating through digital transformation (DX), providing solutions to societal issues, and supplying safe, high-quality products and services.



We will comply with the applicable laws and regulations of Japan and countries which we operate in, and engage in fair, equitable, transparent, and free competition.


Appropriate disclosure

We will communicate with stakeholders, and disclose accurate information timely and appropriately.


Environmental management

We recognize that efforts to address environmental issues are essential for business continuity, and we will strive to protect the environment through means that include proactive conservation of energy and other resources, and reducing waste.


Coexistence and coprosperity with local communities

We will participate in society and contribute to its progress through various means such as our business activities, as well as community activities by our employees.


People development with respect for diversity

We will implement work styles that respect diversity, human rights, and individuality, and enhance employees' capabilities by training them to be open-minded individuals who are able to succeed in international business.


Enhancement of workplace environments

We will provide comfortable workplace environments that demonstrates consideration for health and safety.


Thorough risk management

We will implement thorough risk management systems to prepare for emergencies such as terrorism, cyberattacks, and natural disasters, which may threaten civil society and affect corporate activities.


Group governance

By developing a structure for group governance, we will enhance integration and cooperation within the Pacific Sowa Group (“Group”) and create synergies to promote the Group's unceasing progress.


Responsibilities of top management

In addition to complying with this Code of Conduct (“Code”) and establishing structures for putting the Code into practice, in the event of any violations of the Code, the top management will ensure accountability by taking prompt actions to investigate into the violations, take measures to prevent any reoccurrence of such violations, and disclose information appropriately.

Amended: March 1, 2023


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