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From steelmaking to forging and machining

We are one of the few companies in Japan that have this kind of fully-integrated production capability, and achieve the quality to satisfy our customers' needs.

Main Facilities
Pacific Steel Mfg.'s Toyama Works is a fully-integrated steelmaking factory with facilities for everything from steelmaking to machining.
Our main facilities are listed below.
40t エルー式電気炉 40-ton Héroult electric furnace
Steelmaking Facilities
  • 40-ton Héroult electric furnace (Max 60 tons)
  • Vacuum oxygen decarburization (VOD) furnace (50 tons/cycle)
  • 20-ton and 3-ton electro-slag remelting (ESR) furnaces
  • 40-ton ladle refining furnace (Max 80 tons)
  • Vacuum degassing facility (50 tons/cycle)
  • 100-ton Ladle Furnace (Max. 100-ton)
8,000t 油圧プレス 8,000-ton hydraulic press
Forging Facilities
  • 8,000-ton hydraulic press / 160MT manipulator / 120-ton crane / new heating furnace
  • 4,300-ton press / 100MT manipulator / heating furnace
  • 500-ton press / manipulator / heating furnace
  • Multi-torch gas cutting machine with NC
竪型電気炉 Vertical electric furnace
Heat Treatment Facilities
  • Vertical electric furnace
  • Vertical oil tank
  • Vertical fountain / spray / air blast cooler
  • Water tank / oil tank
機械工場 Machining Shop
Machining facilities
  • Five-face machining center
  • Vertical lathe
  • Machining center
  • Sawing machine
  • lathe
  • Horizontal boring machine
  • Boring and Trepanning Association (BTA)
溶接風景 Welding
Welding Facilities
  • Welding machine
  • Gouging machine
  • SR furnace
熱安定性試験機 Heat stability testing machine
Inspection Facilities
  • Analyzers
  • Drop weight tester
  • Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • X-ray residual stress analyzer
  • Electron microscope
  • Fatigue testing machine
  • Mechanical testing devices (tensile tester, impact tester, hardness tester)
  • Creep tester
  • Magnetic particle testing machine
  • Heat stability testing machine (for turbine rotors)
  • Optical microscope
  • Radiographic testing (RT) machine


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