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Pressure Vessels, Papermaking Machines, Industrial Machinery, Ships

We also manufacture components used in pressure vessels, papermaking machines, industrial machinery, and ships, by means of forging. The steel forgings, which are more accurate and stronger than steel castings, have earned us great trust in each of these industries.

Pressure vessel components

We manufacture various components, such as deep cups, flanges, laterals, and manhole flanges, which are used in oil refining equipment, as well as channel barrels and tube sheets, which are used in high-temperature high-pressure heat exchangers.


A tube sheet is used to support innumerable tubes bundled inside a heat exchanger and to deaden the vibration.

Papermaking machine components

We manufacture forged hollow pipes, suction rolls, and other components used in paper machines.


A paper machine suction roll is a part that comes into direct contact with the paper; the core is required to be strong, and the surface is required to be hard and smooth.

Industrial machinery components

We manufacture main cylinders, blower shafts, pump casings, roller shafts, hearth rolls, and other components used in forging presses.


The roller shaft of a rotary kiln used to manufacture cement is required to be strong enough to endure long periods of rotation.

Ship components

We manufacture ship components such as connecting rods and crosshead pins used in marine diesel engines, as well as piston rods, crank pin rings, and cutter shafts for the controllable pitch propeller systems of tankers.


Connecting rods used in marine engines play an important role in converting the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotary motion.


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